East Haven Youth Soccer

Micros Program

The Micros Program is the second level of play for kids starting into soccer. It is open to players that will be 5 or 6 during the seasonal year (Currently based on the age as of 12/31/2017).

Our emphasis is to provide a fun environment in which players can be learn the skills necessary for them to continue to enjoy the sport of soccer in coming years. Competition is de-emphasized. In fact there are no league at this age group, just learning and fun.

Each player will be provided with a clinic shirt. For the approximately the first 30 minutes, the kids will practice skills and play fun games like Sharks and Minnows, Freeze Tag, Cops and Robbers, Red Light - Green Light, etc.

For the remaining 15 minutes, the players will be split into teams to play small-sided games.

We encourage parent participation. If you feel your child needs you out there to get them started, you are welcome to join us. Parents are always welcome to help us with little things such as getting kids in place, retrieving errant soccer balls, attending to knocks and bumps.

Registrations are open almost the whole season, and trials are welcome - give it a try, if the child wants to continue, then you can register. We realize that at the young ages it is scary, so don't feel compelled to make the decision without trying.

Times are yet to be determined, but most likely will be Saturday Mornings at Gillis Field (Talmadge Park).

Your child needs to bring shin guards (wear underneath socks), proper shoes (cleats preferred if wet field), and a drink. We will supply soccer balls while quite small (special order), they are there. It is a good idea for them to have a ball at home to practice with. Our soccer balls that we use at this age and U8 are #3 soccer balls.